Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt - Rescue Quilt - READY TO SHIP - Twin Size

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This is for those of us who scour antique stores, estate sales, flea markets, or those of who have something aged with time and love and simply cannot let go of it. I call these "rescue quilts". They are one of a kind, mostly all hand pieced in days long past.


This quilt pattern is called Grandmother's Flower Garden. It was a pattern established sometime during the 30's, but remains popular even today. I couldn't date this quilt, but the stitches are hand done and I haven't found a tear, a hole, or anything on it. It's been well cared for. The fabrics are solids and tiny florals in a rainbow of colors. I quilted over it extensively with a swirly flower pattern to keep intact for many years to come. It has that special zig zag edge binding that's common for quilts of its kind.

Measures 73x90" approximately - twin size



Machine wash and dry.

Please note that I cannot guarantee the Rescue Quilts as I can my own quilts. I have done what I can to get this quilt in good care, but it's old and with older fabrics you never really know how long they will last.