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MEMORY QUILT - Hand Cut Hearts

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Usually ships in 16-20 weeks

THIS IS A MADE TO ORDER QUILT. Please allow 20+ weeks before shipping.

The difference between this 'hand cut heart quilt' and the other one is that this one is made with clothing (the hearts, that is). Each heart will be cut from clothing that you supply me, and then stitched down on to a low volume (whiteish) background. If you prefer another color background, please just let me know, but be mindful of the color you choose and how that may make your heart cut clothing appear.

You Choose Size:
Crib - approx 36x48"
Toddler - approx 48x60"
Lap Throw- approx 60x60 inches
Large Throw- approx 60x72 inches
Twin Quilt- approx. 72x84 inches
Full / Queen Quilt- approx. 84x96 inches
Bigger Queen quilt- approx. 96x96 inches
King Quilt- approx. 108x108 inches
(If you don't have enough clothing, no worries, just send what you have and I'll try to make it work by adding fabrics, etc.)



This quilt works for any kind of clothing with the exception of bulky or too small. Please send actual clothing, not stuff like hats, socks, bags.

Only the hearts will be made with clothing, not the background. If you have preferences on the low volume fabrics in the background, please let me know at checkout or within a note in your box of clothing.


I DO OFFER PAYMENT PLANS happily! Please read about them in my store policies section before contacting me for setup.



top layer- your clothing. If you do not have enough, I'm happy to supplement with fabric, but let me know that this is okay with a note included with your clothing.

middle layer- all-natural, long staple pure virgin cotton batting

bottom layer- Designer quilting cotton



All my items are made one at a time on a small scale. You are truly purchasing a handmade item.

All 3 layers are quilted, then binded with a coordinating fabric.



Machine wash and dry.



1. Purchase quilt, you will then receive an email from me telling you where to send your clothing
2. Send enough clothing for the specified amount of squares I need. If you do not have enough clothing, I can add in fabrics, but you need to let me know if this is okay.
3. Include in your box of clothing: the purchasers name on the OUTSIDE, and any special directions on the inside. If you have particular things you want on the quilt from a certain piece of clothing let me know by pinning a note on each piece of clothing.



My goal is to use everything you send me, but if I have leftovers they will be donated and scraps will be thrown away. If you want some of your things sent back to you there will be an additional postage fee and you must tell me before I send out your quilt. Once your quilt is shipped, your clothing is gone.



Clothing is cut up into squares the correct size of my patterns. If graphics on your clothing/tshirts are bigger than block then understand that some of your graphics will be cut off. I always try to get the best part of your clothing such as a name, monogram, etc, but understand that this is not always possible



BUTTONS AND ZIPPERS - These will not be included in your quilt. Anything plastic, metal or bulky will be avoided. Anything that might break my sewing machine will be avoided.

SPECIFIC PARTS OF CLOTHING - I'm happy to use specific parts of your clothing in your quilt. If you have preferences on this, each individual items need to have a note pinned to it with directions on it.

Please don't have a master note that mention all the clothing with preferences, I'm not familiar with your clothing and will have a hard time knowing what you mean, so please include notes on individual pieces.

If the specific part of your clothing is obvious, you do not need to leave a note. For example, if the very center of a shirt has your kid's name or an emblem or an applique. There's no need to pin notes to every piece of clothing (doing so can be very burdensome for me).

Keep in mind that just because you mention a preference, doesn't mean I can do exactly what you are after. Cuts of clothing will determine what I can and can't do. I really appreciate your understanding on this.

LAYOUT - I don't allow preferences on layout. Please do not send requests for any piece of clothing to be in any specific place on your quilt. These requests will be ignored.

DELIVERY - I get a lot of emails asking if I've received your clothing. While I don't mind going to find out, please keep in mind that memory quilts are the brunt of my business and I have a whole wall of boxes of clothing for orders. Going to find out if I received your clothing is an ordeal. I don't mind doing so, but please give me some time to do it or get tracking on your shipments so that you can know for yourself that it's been delivered.

Please make sure on the OUTSIDE of your box, you've included the name your order is under. This is overlooked quite a bit and I have many boxes without any name on them that I do not know what order they go to. These boxes have to be ignored until you contact me (I can't contact you because I don't know who the box belongs to).

Your box of clothing will not be opened until I am actively working on your order. This is in effort to keep your order from being mixed up with a different order.

Do NOT require signatures when your clothing is being delivered to me. I will not be available to sign and will not go collect your box from USPS, UPS, or Fedex. I live much too far out to be doing this. Please just ship regular mail to me, no signature required.