Order Schedule

THIS SCHEDULE IS FOR ALL MADE TO ORDER ITEMS.  The month your name is under is a very rough estimate.  Please note that the current estimated production time is at 20 weeks.

THIS IS A MOVING SCHEDULE.  It won't reflect the exact month your order will ship until you are near the top of the list.


PLEASE READ before emailing me if you have questions.


  • This web page is updated almost daily.
  • If your name is highlighted in yellow, your order has shipped out.
  • This schedule is estimated.  Sometimes I am ahead of it, sometimes I’m behind it. 
  • If you've set up a special request with me, the schedule will not reflect your request.
  • This is a moving schedule, meaning it can change.
  • If you have a particular date that you need your item by then you should contact me within at least a month of the date needed.  Please do not email me the week you need your item and expect me to be able to get to your order .
  • It is never my intention to ship an item later than the production time, but since each order is vastly different, I'm guessing at the amount of time it will take.  I work alone and each handmade item takes time.  I am very flexible if you have deadlines, but I need to be contacted well in advance to make it work.  I really appreciate your support and patience.


  • Tina B
  • Jenae L
  • Laura P
  • Sarah W
  • Laura S
  • Melissa K
  • Elizabeth O
  • Courtney D
  • Laura W
  • Jody K
  • Suzanne W
  • Ashley R
  • Michele S
  • Kelley M
  • Amy C
  • Nicole C
  • Michele B
  • Ben H
  • Debbie K


  • Teri W
  • Kim L
  • Topophilia
  • Donna B
  • Joel W
  • Danielle
  • Annie D
  • Tobin T
  • Jessica P
  • Eleanor Beth K
  • Heather P
  • Sarah G (when paid in full)


  • Emily W
  • Tracy M
  • Danny H
  • Reagan S
  • Shelby C
  • Natalie H
  • Jesse C
  • Tamilee N
  • Lisa H
  • Jenna B
  • Rhonda Y
  • Meredith T
  • Ellen P
  • Larissa T
  • Kathy F
  • Lisa B


  • Bridgette M
  • Kelly-Jeanne F
  • Donna D
  • Annukka N
  • Caitlin C
  • Lisa T
  • Katherine S
  • Jessica M
  • Samantha R


  • Melissa D
  • Brittany F
  • Stacey H
  • Linda C
  • Holly P
  • Caitlin C
  • Michelle C


  • Stacey S
  • Pam P
  • Noelia E
  • Kristin R
  • Amber F
  • Mandi N


  • Hilary K
  • Victoria M
  • Kelsee C
  • Tammy H