Rag Quilt Backing Options


My rag quits come standard with 100% cotton backing in an ivory natural color. This listing is if you to purchase if you prefer me to dye that backing another color. There are many color options in the pictures above.


Please note that I cannot guarantee the dye color to look exactly like the pictures. Sometimes they come out a few shades different, most of the time they end up a little lighter than expected. This is a good thing when it comes to quilts. Quilts look best when they do not all have the exact same shade of color. For example, a quilt with all the exact same shade of yellow does not look near as pretty as a quilt with multiple shades of yellow.

On rag quilts, your backing will peek out between the seams on the top of your quilt. When you choose a color, please do so knowing that you will see it on the front (between the seams) and the back. Because of this, I tend to not like dark colors on the back of the quilt, but please choose what you prefer, this is just a personal preference of mine.


I use procion dyes and soda ash, that is all, to dye fabrics. I dye in small batches. Dyed fabric is then washed with laundry detergent, vinegar, and fabric softener to insure no bleeding.